Following last year’s big success, the exhibition INTER:ACTIVE will once again take place at Kunsthal Charlottenborg at CPH:DOX. The exhibition will include some of the best interactive and immersive installations and VR films out there.

The exhibition will run through the whole festival March 15-25 2018.

INTER:ACTIVE is curated with CopenX, and presented in collaboration with B&O, Samsung, Khora VR, Khora Contemporary, World of VR, Showtime VR, Acute Art and Plant København. With support from the Danish Arts Foundation and the Lundbeck Foundation.

INTER:ACTIVE is on the top floor of Kunsthal Charlottenborg. Go up the stairs to the Upper Foyer, turn left at the Café and go through the Appendix and the Living Room.

Open everyday March 15-25

Kunsthal Charlottenborg, Nyhavn 2, 1051 København K.

Opening hours: 11:00 am-02:00 pm / 03:00 pm-06:00 pm / 07:00 pm-10:00 pm

NB! March 25 the exhibition closes at 02:00 pm


No entrance fee. Just go up the top floor and try the interactive installations. Queues may occur.  


30 DKK. One ticket gives you access to watch one full theme, which contains 3-6 films.

VR:Impact (11:00 am / 03:00 pm / 07:00 pm)

VR:Science (11:45 am / 03:45 pm / 07:45 pm)

VR:Art (12:30 pm / 04:30 pm / 08:30 pm)

VR:Trips (01:15 pm / 07:15 pm / 09:15 pm)

NB! Please arrive 15 minutes prior to the beginning of your screening!


All installations are free of charge!

Just step in and immerse yourself in Rainbow, The Bridge, She’s Already Gone, I U WE, Tree, Unrest VR and Witness J. No tickets are required but queues may occur.

Opening hours: 11:00 am-02:00 pm / 03:00 pm-06:00 pm / 07:00 pm-10:00 pm (March 25 the exhibition closes at 02:00 pm).

NB. “The Bridge” and “She’s Already Gone” will be exhibited March 15-22, and then “I U WE” will run in the same room March 23-25.


Olafur Eliasson/ Iceland / 2017

Rainbow generates an ephemeral natural phenomenon – a rainbow – through digital processes.

Just as a rainbow only appears when light, water droplets, and the viewer’s eye are positioned at a certain angle, the virtual rainbow can only be seen when the viewer’s movement produces a correlation between these three points; it slips in and out of view within a slowly falling curtain of droplets as the viewer moves in the virtual space. Handheld controllers enable an additional layer of interaction with the softly falling virtual water.

Run Time: 5 min.
Language: N/A
Company: Acute Art

Creator: Olafur Eliasson

The Bridge

Nikita Shalenny, Khora Contemporary / Ukraine, Denmark / 2017 / World Premerie (NB. exhibits 15-22/3)

In Shalenny’s VR work the viewer goes beyond the horizon on a compressed forty thousand kilometers journey around the world.

Shalenny has long been fascinated by the idea of the bridge in his works, taking the bridge as a starting point for imagining a way of escaping the ongoing crisis in the land where he resides. Based on watercolors by the artist, one setting replaces the other as ghostlike figures cross birch forests, oil fields, abandoned churches and oceans in a limitless universe.

Run Time: 7 min.
Language: N/A
Company: Khora Contemporary

Directors and Creators: Nikita Shalenny and Khora Contemporary

She’s Already Gone

Yu Hong, Khora Contemporary / China, Denmark / 2017 (NB. exhibits 15-22/3)

When entering Yu Hong’s Virtual Reality experience, the viewers will witness four scenes…

… which follow the life of a female character from her birth to old age. As the woman moves forward in her own development, the events around her flow backwards in time. Each scene is hand-painted, the first depicting the birth of the protagonist and the last ending with a shamanistic ritual in ancient times. Whereas the birth takes place in modern times, the following scenes take the protagonist and the viewers further and further back in time, until they reach the earliest known period of Chinese history.

Run Time: 8 min.
Language: N/A
Company: Khora Contemporary

Directors and Creators: Yu Hong and Khora Contemporary


Simon Lajboschitz, Katrin Olafsdottir, Julie Bjørnskov, Max Morris-Doherty, Georg Jagunov / Denmark / 2017 (NB. exhibits 23-25/3)

‘I U WE’ is a Virtual and Augmented Reality ritual that unites individuals through shared experience.

A ritual is a sequence of actions involving gestures, words, sounds, and objects. Performed in a cultural context the ritual creates a shared metaphysical world. Technology has the potential to unite people, but increasingly people feel lonely and isolated within contemporary media systems. ‘I U WE’ offers an experience where Virtual and Augmented Reality becomes a tool to unify participants. With actors, projections, VR, AR and sound ‘I U WE’ joins the group in a visual journey through a new cosmos.

Run Time: 20 min.
Language: English
Company: Khora VR

Creators: Simon Lajboschitz, Katrin Olafsdottir, Julie Bjørnskov, Max Morris-Doherty and Georg Jagunov

This project was created in collaboration with CPH:DOX at the CPH:LAB 2017


Milica Zec, Winslow Porter / USA / 2017

This critically acclaimed and haptically enhanced virtual reality experience transforms you into a majestic rainforest tree.

With your arms as branches and body as a trunk, you’ll experience the tree’s life from a seedling to its fullest form and witness its fate firsthand.

Run Time: 8 min.
Language: N/A
Company: New Reality Company

Director: Milica Zec
Director: Winslow Porter
Composer: Aleksandar Protic
Art Director: Jakob Kudsk Steensen
Sound Designer: Scott Martin Gershin
Lead Tactile Technologist, MIT Media Lab: Xin Liu
Lead Tactile Designer, MIT Media Lab: Yedan Qian

Unrest VR

Jennifer Brea, Amaury La Burthe / USA / 2017

An immersive journey into creator and director Jennifer Brea’s experience of an invisible illness, myalgic encephalomyelitis…

Unrest VR contrasts the painful solitary confinement of a bedroom world with the kinetic freedom of an inner dreamscape. When you’re too sick to leave your bed, where do you go?

Run Time: 20 min.
Language: English
Companies: Shella Films, EX NIHILO, Audiogaming, Little By Little Films

Co-Director, Co-Producer: Jennifer Brea
Co-Director: Amaury La Burthe
Co-Producer: Arnaud Colinart
Co-Producer: Lindsey Dryden
Executive Producer: Diana Barrett
Executive Producer: Katherine Phillips
Co-Executive Producer: Nion McEvoy
Co-Executive Producer: Leslie Berriman

Witness J

Daniel Wagner, Milo Rau / Germany, Switzerland / 2017

The Congo War has caused more than six million deaths over the last twenty years.

Director Milo Rau succeeds in gathering victims, perpetrators, observers and analysts of the conflict for a unique civil tribunal in eastern Congo. THE CONGO TRIBUNAL examines the causes and backgrounds to this biggest and bloodiest economic war in human history in a stunning transmedia art project. Created in collaboration with the Congolese political illustrator Kayene, the fully animated interactive narration WITNESS J tells the story of the directly affected from a victim’s perspective.

Run Time: 20 min.
Language: English, German, French, Swahili, Lingala
Subtitles: English, French, German
Company: Fruitmarket Arts & Media

Format: Documentary game

Game & VR: Daniel Wagner
Hearings: Milo Rau


A ticket only costs 30 DKK!

The VR:Cinema consists of four themes, which contain 3-6 films each. Each theme screens three times a day, and one ticket gives you access to watch one full theme. Tickets can be bought online or at the ticket counter at Kunsthal Charlottenborg.

Buy tickets here

NB! Please arrive 15 minutes prior to the beginning of your screening!


Schedule: 11:00 am / 03:00 pm / 07:00 pm

Ticket: 30 DKK / Buy ticket here

Beyond the Wall

Mikkel Keldorf, Mikkel Cantzler Christensen / Denmark / 2017 / World Premiere

‘Beyond the Wall’ is a virtual reality documentary that puts you in the shoes of migrants from one of the most dangerous regions in the world: The Northern Triangle in Central America.

Merciless gangs and drug cartels have taken over the area leading to hundreds of thousands of migrants leaving the region each year. In Honduras you will sit face to face with a mother, who had her two daughters aged 11 and 18 kidnapped and murdered by gang members. You will take the trip North to USA in a smugglers boat made by truck tubes and jump on top of the infamous freight train “La Bestia”. You meet people on the most dangerous journey in their life. You experience on your own body what these people are fleeing from – the people President Trump does all in his power to keep away. You discover, exactly what is going on beyond the wall.

Run time: 7 min.
Language: Spanish (English subtitles)
Company: RåFilm & Mikkel Keldorf Media

Directors: Mikkel Keldorf & Mikkel Cantzler Christensen
Producer: Mikkel Cantzler Christensen
Editor: Mikkel Keldorf
Sound Design: Anders Bjørn Rørbæk Pedersen
Fixer: Tomas Ayuso & Arne Kristensen

My Drowning Island

Robert Fox / Denmark / 2017 / World Premiere

Join former president Anote Tong in a cinematic VR experience that showcases the low-lying nation Kiribati in the Pacific Ocean.

Through Tong, you will gain valuable insights about why this remote island group needs international attention and hear his view of what will happen to his his children and grandchildren in the future. Tong made headlines all over the World when he bought land in Fiji for all Kiribatians in case of a final king tide. The cinematic VR film, directed by Robert Fox is part of the series Biosphere VR ( The idea is to use new tech film tools to create immersive film experiences, great stories and thereby give nature a stronger voice.

Run Time: 5,52 min.
Language: English
Company: Fox Media Documentaries

Produced, Directed & Written By: Robert Fox
360 Camera: Kandao Obsidian
Music By: Anonymous
Cinematography By: Robert Fox
Technical Camera Operator: Travis Lacy
Sound By: Jaques Petersen
Edited By: Nicolas Staffolani
Technical Editing By: Mark Qvist
Drone Pilot, Kiribati: Karotu Karaeba
Fixer Kiribati: Kari James
Fixer, London: World Fixer
Researcher, Sweden: Karin Töttermann
Co-producer, Sweden: Mikael Stenberg
Educational Advisor: Kirsten
Editorial Consultant: Gail Willumsen

Anote Tong: Former President Of Kiribati,
Captain Of Boat: Philippe
Ross Maitinnara: Assistant To The President

Chasing Coral: The VR Experience

Larissa Rhodes, Jeff Orlowski / USA / 2017

This adventurous underwater VR experience follows Zackery Rago, a passionate scuba diver and researcher…

… as he documented the unprecedented 2016 coral bleaching event at Lizard Island on the Great Barrier Reef off the coast of Australia. An insightful exploration that accompanies Jeff Orlowski’s feature film of the same name (Audience Award: US Documentary, Sundance Film Festival, 2017), about the quest of a group of filmmakers and ocean scientists to capture visual evidence of our changing oceans.

Run Time: 6 min.
Language: English
Company: Exposure Labs Production

Produced By Larissa Rhodes
Produced and Directed By Jeff Orlowski
Co-Producer Stacey Piculell
Cinematography By Jeff Orlowski, Zackery Rago, Seaview 360 and Christophe Bailhache
Additional Footage Provided By Danny Copeland
Edited By Tim Kaminski and Andrew Ackerman
Editorial Consultant Davis Coombe
Stitching and Compositing By Mass FX Media
GFX Producer Shawna Schultz
Compositors Joel MacCluskey, Doug Rouster and Matt Schultz
Additional Stitching and Compositing By Marcin Biegunajtys and Manmade Media
Music By Dan Romer and Saul Simon MacWilliams
Sound Design By Dave Wruck
Colorist Will Cox

Photo By The Ocean Agency, XLCatlin Seaview Survey, Christophe Bailhache (cropped by CPH:DOX)

The Sun Ladies

Maria Bello, Celine Tricart, Christian Stephen / USA / 2017

In 2014, ISIS fighters invaded Iraq and targeted the Yazidi community of Sinjar. The men were killed, and the women and girls taken as sex slaves.

Some of the women who escaped started a female-only fighting unit called the Sun Ladies to bring back their sisters and protect the honor and dignity of their people. The Sun Ladies VR experience is an in-depth look at the personal journey of the captain of the Sun Ladies, Xate Singali. From her roots as a famous singer in Kurdistan to her new life as a soldier on the front lines, risking everything to stop the violence against her people. The audience will be faced with the question “Who would you be and what would you do faced with the extreme inhumane violence against those you love?”

Run Time: 7 min.
Language: English
Company: Lucid Dreams Productions

Producers: Maria Bello and Celine Tricart
Director: Christian Stephen and Celine Tricart
Artist: Wesley Allsbrook
Director of Photography: Celine Tricart
Composer/Music: Ed Harcourt
Executive Producers: Christina DiDonna, Laurel Werner
Co-Producers: Rema DuPont, Geralyn Dreyfous, Sara Clessler, Christian Stephen, Dylan Roberts, Kate Brooks, Elijah Allen-Blitz
Sound Post Production: Tim Gedemer
Editor: Mark Simpson


Schedule: 11:45 am / 03:45 pm / 07:45 pm

Ticket: 30 DKK / But ticket here

NB! Please arrive 15 minutes prior to the beginning of your screening!


Momoko Seto / France / 2017

In a world in ruins, only fungi and mold grow in the middle of gigantic dried insects bodies.

When a weather change occurs, rain irrigates the arid planet and floods it gradually. In the water springs an ecosystem, populated by giant carnivorous tadpoles.

Run Time: 7 min.
Language: English
Company: MK2

Writer & Director: Momoko Seto
Producer: François Martin Saint Léon
Delegated Production: Barberousse Films
Co-Producers: Arte France and Awkeye
Supervision VFX and VR: Augustin Gwinner
Composition 3D: Mihai Grecu
Original music: Yann Leguay
Photography: Elie Leve
360° shooting and stitching: Pierre Schollier, Loulwa Beydoun, Florentin Zweideck
Sound Effects: Eric Grattepain
Sound editing and mixing: Neotopy

The Blank Canvas – Hacking Nature

Boo Aguilar / USA / 2016

The most disruptive ideas of our time exist in the intersection of biotech and information tech.

We’re leveraging the true potential of immersive technologies to make the ideas of some of the most brilliant minds of our time come to life, so you can experience and understand better those fields. Better tools to visualize complex scientific concepts are needed. VR was made for scientific content. It’s a deeper, smarter, sexier, catchier and more efficient way of communicating science.

Run Time: 3 min
Language: English
Company: Snowcrash / Flagcx & Lobo

Staring: Adam Horowitz
Concept/direction: Boo Aguilar
Executive Producer: Mateus De Paula Santos & Andre Rosa
Co-producer: Eliza Flores
Nuke Leader: Renato Carone
Houdini Leader Fernando Magalhães
Audio Thiago Nemecek
Art Direction Davi Maine

Wonderful You

John Durrant / England / 2017 / European Premiere

Narrated by Academy Award nominee Samantha Morton, Wonderful You is a virtual reality journey through the strange world…

… of your developing senses; sight, sound, touch, taste & smell. Wonderful You is your story – a journey through your epic first 9 months of life in your mother’s womb. As you grow from a tiny cluster of cells to a fully formed baby, the five senses that will shape your destiny develop and form, connecting you to the world around you. Safe in the womb, you hear music in your dreams, you taste what your mother eats, you see sunlight and colour, your hands grasp what they touch. With original music composed by Timo Baker, Wonderful You is an immersive, mind-blowing experience taking you back to a time and a place all of us have visited, but none of us can remember.

Run Time: 17,50 min
Language: English
Company: BDH Immersive

Writer and Director: John Durrant
Producer: Dan Elston
Narrator: Samantha Morton
Design: James Pollock
3d Artist: Aaron Hicks
Texture Artist: Alix Briskham
Art Direction: Steve Bell
Visual Effects Artist: Mike Sadd
Developer: Sam Vickery
Original Music: Timo Baker
Sound Design: Subvertical
Sound Recordist: Pete Howell
Script Consultant: Honor Peters
Science Advisor: Dr David Barker
Executive Producer: Rob Hifle


Schedule: 12:30 pm / 04:30 pm / 08:30 pm

Ticket: 30 DKK / Buy ticket here

NB! Please arrive 15 minutes prior to the beginning of your screening!


Baron Lanteigne / Canada / 2017

Shot on the island of Orleans, we are immersed in the middle of an electric pylon corridor connecting the south and north shore…

… of the Saint Lawrence river in Quebec. The footage is manipulated to reveal its true nature; an empty sphere upholstered by equirectangular projections attempting to simulate the real world. Giant human hands disturb this landscape collage to break reality into abstraction. This greater force is here to disrupt and reveal the limits of this intermediary medium that is 360 video.

Run Time: 1,56 min.
Language: N/A

Animation: Baron Lanteigne
Music: Lillith Twin
Created during a creative residency at La Bande Vidéo in Québec City.

Escape Route

Dirk Koy / Schweiz / 2017

A 360° trip through photogrammed city pieces of Basel. A visual score to the music of Boris Blank (Yello)

Run Time: 2,50 min.
Language: N/A
Company: Dirk Koy Bild und Bewegung

Animation: Dirk Koy
Music: Boris Blank

The Giant

Mike Anderson, Ryan Dickie, Abigail Horton / USA / 2017

We follow a girl’s strange journey as she grows endlessly, eventually dissolving into the music of the universe.

In a 360-degree animated environment, the story is narrated in a single unbroken shot, taking the viewer on a thrilling experience unlike any other.

Run Time: 3,24 min.
Language: English
Company: New Media Ltd / Pulse Film

Director: New Media Ltd
Executive Producer: New Media Ltd
Producer: New Media Ltd
Screenwriter: Mike Anderson
Cinematographer: New Media Ltd
Production Designer: New Media Ltd
Music: Jake Aron & Ludwig Persik


Pussykrew / INT / 2016

Aether is a highly elastic substance formerly believed to permeate all space, including the interstices between the particles of matter…

… and to be the medium whose vibrations constituted light and other electromagnetic radiation. Aether Element includes transmutation, alchemical processes, the eternal nature, and energy in motion. A E T H E R is a 360˚ visual experience that operates on the border of futuristic fractal-like celestial reality. The viewer becomes a witness of the process of unification of the immaterial tissues with forces hidden in between the layers of the digitised environment.

Run Time: 4 min.
Language: N/A
Company: Pussykrew

Creators: Pussykrew
Sound by Salon and Cough

The Pull

Quba Michalski / USA / 2016

Gravity is no longer a constant. Enter a world where the rules that bind us are suddenly disobeyed.

In a secret science facility, gravity has been conquered. “Down” is no longer a direction, but a choice. Step into the center of modified chambers and witness the laws of nature be broken in this five-experiment series.

Run Time: 3,13 min.
Language: English

Designed, Directed and Animated by Quba Michalski
Sound Design, Re-Recording Mixer: Brendan J. Hogan
Foley Artist, Sound Designer: Jamie “Foley Rambo” Hunsdale

Zen Parade

Kevin Mack / USA / 2016

Zen Parade is a surreal journey through an endless sky filled with evolving abstract sculptures.

The fluid motion of the sculptures and the sound healing music are designed to engage the imagination, inspire wonder, and enhance well being. The juxtaposition of abstraction and realism triggers pareidolia (Seeing things that aren’t there). This makes it unique for each person, each time they experience it.

Run Time: 5 min.
Language: N/A
Company: Shape Space VR

Created by Kevin Mack
Soundtrack by Ray Mack


Schedule: 01:15 pm / 05:15 pm / 09:15

Ticket: 30 DKK / Buy ticket here

NB! Please arrive 15 minutes prior to the beginning of your screening!

Second Date

Jennifer Lyon Bell / USA / 2017 / European Premiere

Set on an Amsterdam houseboat, Second Date is a lighthearted, unscripted Virtual Reality portrait of two young people fumbling towards ecstasy.

Trying to find common ground, their conversation veers from clumsy to joyous and back again — until they finally start connecting for real. An emotional and intimate depiction of sex. Unlike typical VR representations of sex, Second Date encourages the viewer to intimately share the couple’s emotional and physical space, but not as an actual intruder. As invisible witnesses, we empathetically take part in their connection.

Run Time: 16,33 min.
Language: English
Company: Blue Artichoke Films

Director, producer and casting: Jennifer Lyon Bell
Director of Photography: Jonathan Massey & Christian Serge Nelson
Editor + Sound Engineer + Lighting Assistant: Jonathan Massey
Assistant Producer + Camera Assistant + Gaffer: Julia ter Horst
Production Assistant: Lola Rijken
Art Director: Malou ter Horst
Costume Design: Lotte van Nijverdal
Makeup Artist + Hairstylist: Demi van Leijenhorst
Still Photography: Irene Moray
Original music by The Unsayable
“Roses” written and performed by The Co-O

Anne De Winter and Bishop Black


Sara Lisa Vogl, Ruud op den Kelder / Holland, Germany / 2017

‘TripinReality’ is about one’s journey through states of consciousness.

The protagonist of the story is the user, who is able to experience meditative states translated to surroundings as the cycles progress. As the experience progresses the relaxing sound components gradually increase, consisting of synthesized binaural beats, white noise and heartbeat sounds. Experience the Journey of one’s mind going through a Meditation, visualised via abstract shapes, while being transported to a new surrounding in a way that’s only possible through the immersiveness of virtual reality.

Run Time: 12 min.
Language: non-verbal
Company: XRBASE

Lead Concept Artist, Creative Direction Audiovisual Landscape: Sara Lisa Vogl
Visual Artist, 3D Creations and Animations: Vladimir Ilic AKA VRHuman
Development, Audio-reactive animations, camera work and rendering: Ruud op den Kelder AKA Robo Ruud
Audio-reactive animations: Shahriar Shahrabi
Composition Musical Score, Samples and Spatialisation: SNG Hamburg
Concept of Immersive Sound Experience: WerbeWeischer and Nqyer Media

I Saw the Future

François Vautier / France / 2017

In a dark expanse that could be the cosmos, we hear the voice of Arthur C. Clarke…

whose face – taken from a BBC archive dating back to the 1960s – appears in the distance. His features quickly dematerialize into a multitude of shimmering pixels, creating an enveloping and immersive space out of which the thoughts of the famed author of «2001: A Space Odyssey » emerge. At the heart of this spectral environment, and with a magnetic voice sending us back to the time of cathode ray tubes and the golden age of television broadcasting, A C. Clarke tells us about the arrival of digital revolution, decades ahead of his time. This film is an invitation to travel, and a crepuscular form of poetry to be experienced immersively.

Run Time: 6,15 min.
Language: English, French
Company: MK2

Writter, editor and director: François Vautier
Producer: Jeremy Sahel
Music: Pascal Bantz
Production: Da Prod
Da Prod Production Crew: Valentine Theret, Aurelien Lesné, Jeremy Sahel
Lab: Small by Mac Guff
Based on BBC HORIZON with Arthur C Clarke / Getty Images

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