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The Reformist

Marie Skovgaard, 75 min

Denmark, 2019

The Reformist

Three years in the life of the female Danish imam and feminist Sherin Khankan's life, through ups and downs.

Sherin Khankan's big dream is to establish one of Europe's first mosques led by female imams, in the center of Copenhagen. Together with a group of progressive Muslims, she tries to make an effort for tolerance and the rights of Muslim women. Four years ago, her dream came true: the Mariam Mosque became a reality. But Sherin is both up against growing Islamophobia and conservative forces in the religious community. Marie Skovgaard has followed her ever since, through victories, crises and internal disagreements among Sherin's own supporters. Idealism meets harsh realities along the way, while the strong-willed Sherin tirelessly continues her struggle. Her activist work is a constant negotiation between differing views. How far can she actually go in her modern interpretation of the Qur'an? And how long can she keep fighting? A dramatic debate-starter of a film about a woman who has the courage to go her own ways for the sake of others.

Director: Marie Skovgaard
Original Title: Reformisten
Country: Denmark
Year: 2019
Running time: 75 min
Category: Dox:Award
Tags: Feminism Freedom Democracy Danish 
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Producer: Jesper Jack
Production Company: House of Real
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