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Enrico Masi, 81 min

Italy, France, 2019


A dark and mythological fable about a transgender person's life in the urban underground where she has to constantly change shape to survive.

According to the myth, Jupiter seduced a young woman and sent her to an island in the Mediterranean. The girl was called Europa. Today, it is the Philippine Pepsi, who like a modern Europa makes the journey across borders, through wilderness and urban wastelands in search of a place in a chaotic world. She has escaped the Muslim military camp she grew up in because of her homosexuality, and has now stranded in Paris. 'Shelter' is a postcolonial fable, which - much like its anonymous protagonist - constantly changes shape between identities. 16mm film, analogue video and grainy iPhone footage contribute to a phantom image of life in the urban underground. A strategic and militant response to society's aggressive insistence that everything and everyone can be defined according to the norms of the majority. Enrico Masi's gloomy but sensitive film follows Pepsi closely - but it is she who shapes her own image. The fact that she refuses to show us her face is an iconoclastic gesture, in a work that attacks the authority of the image. A violent and poetic film in the spirit of Jean Genet.

Director: Enrico Masi
Country: Italy, France
Year: 2019
Running time: 81 min
Dialogue: English, French, Tagalog, Arabic, Italian
Category: Dox:Award
Tags: LGBTQ Edgy Rebellion Refugees StrangerThanFiction
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Producer: Stefano Migliore, Lois Rocque
Production Company: Caucaso, Ligne 7
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