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Young and Alive

Matthieu Bareyre, 94 min

France, 2018

Young and Alive

France's youth in a generational portrait from the year's since Charlie Hebdo, short on the streets and looking towards an uncertain future.

Integration, rebellion, identity and politics. 'Young and Alive' is a generational portrait of France's youth, shot on the streets – and at night – when they take over the city and speak for themselves. Like a collective interview in the spirit of the classic 'Chronicle of a Summer', but with a restless energy that is mirrored in that of the children. If they have one thing in common, it is an uncertain future. From the white middle class to the Arab and African youths in Paris, and to a young street poet, who could be a French Jean-Michel Basquiat. The political leaders from Valls to Macron, on the other hand, seem like they're on a different planet. There is both dedication and discouragement among the well-articulated youths, as they tumble around the Parisian night, where electronic music pumps from the clubs and the glass façades of the shops tempt us with luxury goods that few of them will ever be able to afford. A wild and vital chorus of voices and attitudes, shot over the three turbulent years since Charlie Hebdo.

Director: Matthieu Bareyre
Country: France
Year: 2018
Running time: 94 min
Series: EUROPE
Category: Politics
Tags: Europe YouthClub
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Producer: Valéry du Péloux
Production Company: Artisans du Film
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