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Fredrik Gertten, 92 min

Sweden, 2019


Behind the rising property prices and global real estate speculation at a staggering scale. An urban world tour with the aim of changing this development.

Housing prices have exploded in the world's major cities. But the salary levels have not, and today you can spend almost all your income on a place to live, which you never have the time to spend in, because you have to be at work to pay the rent. Families are being pushed out of their homes. Policemen and fire fighters can't afford to live in the cities they are meant to protect. And at the same time, large buildings stand empty as investment objects in the world's largest cities. What happened, and what can be done? Leilani Farha from the United Nations is working to push governments all over the world to secure a fundamental human right to housing, and in 'Push' she travels to some of the world's biggest cities to examine the scale and causes of the housing crisis. What she finds is appalling. But in an alliance with mayors from Berlin to Barcelona, a new project comes about that might turn the trend. Fredrik Gertten's latest film sheds light on something that everyone is talking about, but which few people really understand. You do when you have seen this film.

Director: Fredrik Gertten
Country: Sweden
Year: 2019
Running time: 92 min
Dialogue: English, Spanish, Italian
Category: Politics
Tags: Finance Freedom HumanRights Thriller Rebellion CityLife Europe
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Producer: Margarete Jangård
Production Company: WG Film
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