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Girl in Return

Katrine W. Kjær, 85 min

Denmark, 2019

Girl in Return

A global story about the adopted Danish-Ethiopian teenage girl Amy, who decides to reclaim her lost identity and fight against the adoption system.

Ethiopian Amy left her home when she was 9 years old and declared fit to be adopted by a Danish family. But Amy never felt at home in Denmark, and now she is dreaming of having the authorities' decision reversed, so she can return home to her biological family. The film about her follows five dramatic years from when she is 13 to when she turns 18, and is an intimate tale about the systematic violation of children's rights that take place in the international adoption system - seen through the eyes of a teenager. Amy has a burning desire to repair the family ties that were broken from one day to the next almost 10 years ago. But Amy does not only miss her mother and sisters, she also misses her language and her culture. 'Amy's Will' is a powerful, personal story of a single woman's determination to decide about her young life, but also a story about what role culture and biological origins play in our identity.

Director: Katrine W. Kjær
Original Title: Amys vilje
Country: Denmark
Year: 2019
Running time: 85 min
Category: Real Life
Tags: Danish  Identity
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Producer: Sara Stockmann
Production Company: Sonntag Pictures
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