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Human Nature

Adam Bolt, 107 min

United States, 2019

Human Nature

Science fiction becomes reality right before our eyes in a film about the genetic remix of human DNA, which captures the revolution in real-time.

While most of science journalism has been directed at the digital age, a completely different scientific revolution has been underway. It is about CRISPR, and the ability to manipulate humanity at its most basic level, namely by changing the genetic code. The powerful new tool, CRISPR, gives scientists a whole new technology to edit DNA with unprecedented ease and precision, so that diseases can be cured and disabilities averted. What once was science fiction is now becoming reality. But what does this imply for the future of medicine? For our relationship with nature? For our own ability and desire to develop ourselves? From a fantastic story about a new scientific discovery to a both provocative and frightening exploration of CRISPR's societal implications, 'Human Nature' is a film that captures and documents a scientific revolution in real time.

Director: Adam Bolt
Country: United States
Year: 2019
Running time: 107 min
Dialogue: English
Category: Science
Tags: Biology&Nature
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Producer: Sarah Goodwin, Meredith DeSalazar
Production Company: News and Guts, Sandbox Films
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