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What Is Democracy?

Astra Taylor, 117 min

Canada, 2018

What Is Democracy?

A comprehensive and timely examination of democracy. From Ancient Greece and the Rennaissance to today's civil rights, electoral fraud and populism.

Democracy has come under pressure and is in an unexpected crisis. It is time to take this into consideration, and to reconsider the values that the word contains. The director Astra Taylor takes us on an educational journey through the history of democracy, in the hope of understanding its complexity. Everyone knows that democracy is a form of government, where all the citizens have the opportunity to influence the development of society through votes. But Taylor's philosophical review and reflection on the history of democracy is an inspiring and provocative contribution to our understanding of democracy. Her Socratic basic question - What is democracy? - leads her to conversations with thinkers such as Cornel West and Silvia Federici, but also with factory workers, asylum seekers, politicians and other ordinary people. In other words, a democratic film about the most democratic of all topics: democracy itself.

Director: Astra Taylor
Country: Canada
Year: 2018
Running time: 117 min
Series: EUROPE
Category: Politics
Tags: Europe Democracy
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Producer: Lea Marin
Production Company: National Film Board of Canada
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