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The Apollo of Gaza

Nicolas Wadimoff, 78 min

Switzerland, Canada, 2018

The Apollo of Gaza

An archaeological detective story with a 2000 year old statue of Apollo as the ultimate MacGuffin.

In 2013, a 2000 year old statue of the god Apollo was found near Gaza. The statue disappeared again almost as suddenly, and left behind a smoke screen of speculation and half-baked cock-and-bull stories. What happened? Nicolas Wadimoff examines the matter and talks to some of the many people who managed to come into contact with Apollo's earthly body: experts, fishermen, museum curators and archaeologists. Very appropriately for the god of both beauty and reason, the story becomes a tale about writing history itself, with the Middle East as its subject. But it is a told with room for truths, peculiarities and optical illusions. 'The Apollo of Gaza' is an ethnographic essay film based on thorough research, from a part of the world whose history itself is defined by conflicts and competing narratives. With Apollo himself as the ultimate MacGuffin, we are lucky to witness a beautiful and thought-provoking piece of detective work.

Director: Nicolas Wadimoff
Original Title: L'Apollon de Gaza
Country: Switzerland, Canada
Year: 2018
Running time: 78 min
Category: Art
Tags: DetectiveStory Ethnography Discoveries
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Producer: Philippe Coeytaux, Colette Loumède
Production Company: Akka Films
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