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Dark Suns

Julien Elie, 155 min

Canada, 2018

Dark Suns

Violence against Mexico's women goes all the way to the top of the system, where fear and power are closely intermeshed. An artistic and politcial magnum opus.

An impressive work that is impossible to shake off. 'Dark Suns' is an investigative, dark and atmospheric film about the epidemic wave of killings of, above all, women in Mexico. A phenomenon with a complex web of causes, from drug crime and trafficking to a misogynous culture and serial killers. Julien Elie's black and white film captures the complex topic with an almost anthropological thoroughness, which leaves a great impression - not least in the encounter with the courageous people who risk their own lives trying to do something about the brutal epidemic of violence. Women, journalists, activists and students. Nobody is spared apart from those who commit the crimes. And like in a photograph that is gradually developed, a horrible pattern emerges: the violence goes all the way to the top of a corrupt system, where fear and power are closely related. The same goes for the black economy, where the enormous drug market has been joined by the economic interests in keeping immigrants away from the US border after an agreement with the United States. A work of great political and artistic urgency.

Director: Julien Elie
Country: Canada
Year: 2018
Running time: 155 min
Dialogue: Spanish, English
Category: Politics
Tags: Dark
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Producer: Julien Elie
Production Company: Cinéma Belmopan
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