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Phie Ambo, 76 min

Denmark, 2019


A group of children develop the possible society of the future on an overgrown building site in a deeply democratic film, which gives nature a voice.

47 children are set free for 10 weeks on an overgrown building site in the middle of Copenhagen. In a democratic experiment, they are tasked with establishing a new society out of nothing. And they have to do so by talking and playing their way into new ways of doing things. They talk about money (and its possible alternatives), build caves and bake pancakes. But they also form alliances and debate disagreements. Conflicts and suggestions for new solutions are part of the game, and the children use their imagination and enthusiasm to develop their own future. What do tolerance, equality and respect for others mean when you suddenly have to contribute your own words and actions? Through the iconic actress and eco-activist Jytte Abildstrøm's dreamy, engaging voice, Phie Ambo's film reflects on what it means to rediscover the nature around us - and not least within us. In a poetic and sensual form, we are placed not just in the middle of urban wilderness, but also in the midst of an experience that everyone should have in their lives. Children as well as adults.

Director: Phie Ambo
Country: Denmark
Year: 2019
Running time: 76 min
Dialogue: Danish
Category: Dox:Award
Tags: Children Democracy Education Danish 
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Producer: Malene Flindt Pedersen
Production Company: Hansen & Pedersen film og fjernsyn
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