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A Taste of Sky

Michael Lei, 84 min

United States, Bolivia, Denmark, 2018

A Taste of Sky

The Danish chef Claus Meyer is behind a project in Bolivia, where local youths help start the country's best restaurant.

What NOMA has done for Nordic cuisine, Gustu has done for the Latin American. And it is far from accidental, as the man with the visions behind the star restaurants is the same, the Danish chef Claus Meyer. In 2012, Meyer travelled to La Paz with a desire to create a cookery school for underprivileged youths and awaken a gastronomic pride for local Bolivian produce and their possibilities. Nothing less. 'A Taste of Sky' is a treat of a film, which takes us behind the kitchen doors of Gustu's school and restaurant, which in 2016 was voted as Bolivia's best. We follow the two trainee cooks, Kenzo and Maria Claudia, in the kitchen, hunting alligators and at home with their families in the village and the jungle, where the roots of Gustu's success can be found, in every sense of the word. And we are shown Meyer's own version of both his and Gustu's story, told with an infectious enthusiasm, in a film that elegantly and in a personal way shows how future dreams, idealism, healthy socio-economic common sense and a basic joy for food can be combined in a single serving.

Director: Michael Lei
Country: United States, Bolivia, Denmark
Year: 2018
Running time: 84 min
Dialogue: Spanish, English
Category: Hits
Tags: Food
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Producer: Andrew Renzi, Kevin Iwashina , Michael Lei, Abby Davis, Jess Kwan
Production Company: Aleph Films
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