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Lina Mannheimer, 90 min

Sweden, 2019


Sex, friendship, identity. The stormy relationship of two youths across online formats and the unpredictable ups and downs of reality.

Naomi and Edvin agree to participate in Lina Mannheimer's film about identity and the online reality we all live in. But when they become romantically involved - and they do so right away! - the social experiment changes shape. 'Mating' documents their relationship through chat threads, Skype calls and social media without Mannheimer actually ever meeting them. A very special intimacy develops between the two youths, whose intimate friendship survives both crises, conflicts and geographic distances. It is mainly about sex - but in this case it is Naomi who is the experienced one. But 'Mating' is also a film about how we perceive ourselves in the 21st century, and how we meet and negotiate in the chaotic universe of performative mirror images, which the internet and social media both reflect and amplify. Naomi and Edward's relationship, on the other hand, is entirely their own. A tumultuous but loving and understanding relationship, which Mannheimer captures in a suitably contemporary form.

Director: Lina Mannheimer
Original Title: Mating
Country: Sweden
Year: 2019
Running time: 90 min
Category: Hits
Tags: YouthClub InternetCulture
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Producer: Mathilde Dedye
Production Company: French Quarter Film
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