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Kabul, City in the Wind

Aboozar Amini, 88 min

Afghanistan, Netherlands, Japan, Germany, 2018

Kabul, City in the Wind

An Afghan filmmaker's impressionist and poetic film from a city where life runs its jagged course against all odds.

One easily forgets that life always continues its course even in the places where life is toughest. In Kabul, the philosophical bus driver Abas is fighting a daily battle to keep his worn-out bus alive in the midst of traffic chaos. At another end of the ravaged city, the young Afshin must take over the role of father for his younger brother, when their father exiles himself in Iran. Abas keeps his problems at bay with songs and a hash pipe. The brothers do whatever they can to stay together during their everyday lives. To contrast the impressionistic scenes of the city's chaos, the director Aboozar Amini lets his protagonists speak directly to the camera – and to us – about their dreams, fears and hopes for the future. 'Kabul, City in the Wind' makes way for contradictions with energy, empathy and a poetic eye, which is rare in films from Afghanistan. Kabul is still covered by the dust of countless years of conflict, but life nonetheless continues for the city's proud and thoughtful inhabitants, while they are waiting for the winds to turn and blow away the conflicts of the past.

Director: Aboozar Amini
Country: Afghanistan, Netherlands, Japan, Germany
Year: 2018
Running time: 88 min
Dialogue: Farsi
Category: Politics
Tags: CityLife
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Producer: Jia Zhao, Sarah Hilmandi
Production Company: Silk Road Film Salon
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