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Matthias Lintner, 85 min

Germany, 2019


A dreamy big city atmosphere from a haven in the middle of Berlin, where a motley community of eccentric people have created their own world.

In an old, half-empty labyrinth of a building in the middle of Berlin, artists, punks and excentric pensioners live side by side. It is also the home of the young filmmaker Matthias Lintner, and the site and subject of his first film. An atmospheric, dreamy and very beautiful film, where romantic and urban outsider poetry flows through the dusty corridors, and the natural light of autumn flickers between the linden trees in the courtyard. Carefully selected Georges Perec quotes allow our thoughts to drift freely. What is a home? What is a community among strangers? And what do we want with our cities? Gentrification is rumbling outside the small sanctuary on Torstrasse. With 'Property', Matthias Lintner has not only marked himself as one of German cinema's most promising young names. His first film already fulfils all the promises of a full-fledged filmmaker. When a film starts with something as old-school as a bravura crane shot, you know you are in safe hands.

Director: Matthias Lintner
Country: Germany
Year: 2019
Running time: 85 min
Dialogue: German, English
Category: Art
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Producer: Ewelina Rosinska
Production Company: DFFB (German Film-and TV Academy Berlin)
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