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The Man Who Played with Fire

Henrik Georgsson, 100 min

Sweden, 2018

The Man Who Played with Fire

The Millennium author Stieg Larsson's double life as a journalist fighting right-wing extremism in Europe. A captivating film in the noir tradition.

The best-selling and chain-smoking author Stieg Larsson lived a double life alongside his work on the Millennium novels. As a journalist and detective, he carefully and thoroughly charted the progress of right-wing extremism in Sweden and the rest of Europe, at a time when everyone mistakenly thought this was a thing of the past. Through a montage of archive footage, interviews and cinematic reconstructions from a dimly lit Stockholm, we are shown the story of Larsson's shadow life, recreated as a Scandinavian film noir. A damn good story, brilliantly told, completely in Larsson's spirit. But also a work with a political resonance and relevance, which unfortunately has only grown larger since Larsson worked himself to death in 2004. 'The Man Who Played with Fire' is something as rare as a big film in the noir tradition, with roots reaching deep down into the thorough documentarism that defined his shadow life outside the club houses of the neo-Nazis - always with a camera, a notepad and a cigarette within reach.

Director: Henrik Georgsson
Country: Sweden
Year: 2018
Running time: 100 min
Dialogue: Swedish, English
Category: Hits
Tags: Europe Hybrid FrontpageNews Literature
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Producer: Fredrik Heinig, Mattias Nohrborg
Production Company: B-Reel Films
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