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Shed a Light

Laure Provost, 18 min

France, Belgium, 2019

Shed a Light

Laure Provost's provocative and disturbing reaction to the threat of global warming traces the boundaries between the self and the world.

The French artist Laure Provost would like to show us something. She has found a forgotten, dystopian biological laboratory in a garden behind a factory building. Here, nature has taken over after humanity's epic failure to exist in the world without simultaneously destroying it. The laboratory is a disturbing exception. Here, as in a number of Provost's other works, the boundary between the self and everything else is so fleeting that the difference between inside and outside almost becomes osmotic. An open state of radical sensitivity which in itself places it somewhere between flora and fauna. The simultaneously playful and frightening 'Shed a Light' is a reaction to the threat of global warming and a tribute to the female body in an ecstatic bathing ritual in an indoor fountain, where pink plastic breasts send their streams of water onto a group of merry women.

Director: Laure Provost
Country: France, Belgium
Year: 2019
Running time: 18 min
Category: Art
Tags: ArtistFilm Animals
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