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Victor Kossakovsky, 89 min

Denmark, Germany, Scotland, 2018


Magnificent work about the fourth element: the world's water masses. Stunning and visually unique - and with a roaring heavy metal soundtrack.

Blocks of ice, bodies of water, fog and snow. The fourth element has many forms, and the Russian master director Viktor Kossakovsky has devoted his new visual artwork to explore them. With monumental motifs - and a roaring heavy metal soundtrack! - his latest film takes us around the world. Water is a fluid metaphor for life itself, but is at the same time a destructive force, which in line with climate change is fighting a violent battle against human dominance on this blue-green planet. 'Aquarela' lets the images speak for themselves and lets us reach our own conclusions along the way. And at a time when much is said about the weather, but very little is done, Kossakovsky's breathtaking vision is a reminder that man, after all, has very little control over the elements. A visually magnificent experience which must be seen (and heard) on the big screen.

Director: Victor Kossakovsky
Original Title: Aquarela
Country: Denmark, Germany, Scotland
Year: 2018
Running time: 89 min
Dialogue: English, Russian, Spanish
Category: Hits
Tags: Cinematic ArtistFilm Biology&Nature Klima
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Producer: Sigrid Dyekjær, Heino Deckert, Aimara Reques
Production Company: Aconite Productions, British Film Institute, Danish Documentary, Louverture Films, Filmproduktion
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