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The Black Nothing vs. Jeppe Lange

60 min

The Black Nothing vs. Jeppe Lange

Acclaimed genre-breaking and experimental 10-man band meets film artist for the premiere of the work 'Stilleben'.

The Danish composer and keyboard tamer Anders Filipsen and the film artist Jeppe Lange have created a new work for Filipsen's electro-acoustic band The Black Nothing, which consists of ten of the most exciting musicians in contemporary music. The band had its debut with the album 'Path' and has been praised for its complex mix of electronica, minimalism, serial music, classicism, afro, jazz, impro and noise. With 'Stilleben', Filipsen and Lange try to examine conditions and moods both visually and aurally, where small moments, objects and sounds slowly unfold and are united in the two forms of expression. The work has been created as a result of a 6-month dialogue between the two artists, and will have its world premiere tonight at Charlottenborg. The event is presented in collaboration with G((o))ng.

Original Title: The Black Nothing vs. Jeppe Lange
Running time: 60 min
Category: Concerts
Tags: Concerts