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Masterclass: Peter Mettler

90 min

Masterclass: Peter Mettler

In the hands of the Canadian filmmaker Peter Mettler, abstract topics such as northern lights, time, ecstasy and most recently the relationship between human beings and animals turn into inspiring philosophical opuses, which push the film medium to its utmost limits and look like nothing else. And on top of it all, he's a really nice guy! Meet him for a master class on using the film medium's special qualities as the basis for new knowledge and artistic explorations. The brand new 'Becoming Animal' (co-directed by Emma Davie) is premiered at this year's festival. And on top of that, Mettler is this year's Artist in Focus in our Science programme, where we show two of his main works.


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Fri. 23/03





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Original Title: Masterclass: Peter Mettler
Running time: 90 min
Category: Art
Tags: Talks