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Picture of Light

Peter Mettler, 83 min

Canada, Switzerland, 1994

Picture of Light

In search of northern lights in a beautiful and philosophical film from the end of the world, with music by Jim O'Rourke.

Since the dawn of time, Aurora Borealis – or just northern lights – have invited the imaginations among the few lucky people, who have had the opportunity to experience the phenomenon at first hand, to go rampant. And even though modern science today can explain what we see, the magic remains the same. 'Picture of Light' was one of the first films that actually immortalised the delicate waves of northern lights. Created during an expedition far out in the Canadian wilderness with an excentric meteorologist and a small film crew, where the journey – as always with Peter Mettler – is both an adventure in itself and a tribute to the freedom of thought. 'We live at a time when things don't seem to exist if they are not captured as an image. But if you look into darkness with your eyes closed, you can see the reflection of light on your retina – much like the flickering of northern lights, much like the movement of thought.' A magnum opus among the films that paved the way for the breakthrough of modern documentary filmmaking.


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Sun. 18/03





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Director: Peter Mettler
Original Title: Picture of Light
Country: Canada, Switzerland
Year: 1994
Running time: 83 min
Category: Art Science
Tags: Cinematic Philosophy
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Producer: Peter Mettler, Ingrid Veninger, Alexandra Rockingham Gill
World Sales: Swiss Films
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