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Inventing Tomorrow

Laura Nix, 105 min

United States, India, Indonesia, Mexico, 2018

Inventing Tomorrow

A group of visionary young scientists from all over the world with surprising solutions to acute problems fight their way to the world championship in science.

With visionary ideas, talent and a great deal of imagination, young scientists from all over the world are working to qualify for the world championship in science. But not only that. The 16-year-old Indian Sahithi is trying to develop a solution to the pollution of Bangalore's beautiful lakes, which are filling the streets with unmanageable mountains of poisonous foam, while her young colleagues from Hawaii, Mexico and Indonesia offer original and effective suggestions to solve problems in their countries that are just as pressing. Their living conditions vary widely, but they share a sense of optimism and curiosity, as they work together and individually with potentially groundbreaking ideas, which can take them to the International Science and Engineering Fair ISEF in the United States – and from there out into the world that so massively needs them. Laura Nix follows the exciting and at times nerve-racking process up close, and it is impossible not to be deeply impressed and inspired by seeing such young minds think so radically out of the box.


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International Premiere
Director: Laura Nix
Original Title: Inventing Tomorrow
Country: United States, India, Indonesia, Mexico
Year: 2018
Running time: 105 min
Category: Science
Tags: TheWorld2030 Technology YouthClub Masterminds
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Producer: Laura Nix, Diane Becker, Melanie Miller
World Sales: Submarine Entertainment
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