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Cassette: A Documentary Mixtape

Cassette: A Documentary Mixtape

Zack Taylor, 93 min

United States, Netherlands, United Kingdom, Germany, 2016

Cassette: A Documentary Mixtape

Wind back time to mixtapes and cassette salad, in a film which celebrates the smaller brother of the LP, and the culture surrounding it, with Thurston Moore, Henry Rollins and Run DMC.

The LP might well have enjoyed an overwhelming renaissance over the past few years. But its rectangular little brother, the cassette tape, is also enjoying a comeback! 'We expected it to be a success, but not a revolution,' as the cassette tape's inventor Lou Ottens says in this wonderful film about the culture around the charming lo-fi format. And it is hard not to be overwhelmed by revolutionary nostalgia when one hears Lou's own stories from the office of Siemens in the 1960s, where he invented the smart and bootleg-friendly medium. From punk to hip hop and indie: Henry Rollins, Thurston Moore, Daniel Johnston and other enthusiasts give us an energetic account of what the cassette tape has meant for music - and it is more than one thinks. So if you are old enough to remember that you had to rewind music, then 'Cassette: A Documentary Mixtape' is a film that will make you feel overcome by both nostalgia and a passion for the physical formats.


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International Premiere
Director: Zack Taylor
Original Title: Cassette: A Documentary Mixtape
Country: United States, Netherlands, United Kingdom, Germany
Year: 2016
Running time: 93 min
Dialogue: English
Tags: Sound & Vision Music
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Producer: Seth Smoot
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