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Women of the Venezuelan Chaos

Margarita Cadenas, 83 min


Women of the Venezuelan Chaos

Five women share their first-hand experiences of trying to live a normal life in a country undergoing a crisis of catastrophic proportions.

Venezuela is currently going through the largest and most violent storm in the 200-year long history of the country. A social, economic and political crisis of catastrophic proportions that threaten to make the South American nation collapse. Five women of varying age and from different backgrounds let us in on how it is to live in chaos, based simply on their own everyday lives. And it is really quite an experience to just listen to their stories. Margarita Cadenas' investigative and intensely gripping 'Women of the Venezuelan Chaos' offers a panoramic, yet personal fresco of impressions and female experiences in a first-hand narrative from one of the world's forgotten crises. From material shortages to political and criminal injustice in Venezuelan society, Cadenas' perspective builds up a global vision of the country.

Director: Margarita Cadenas
Original Title: Women of the Venezuelan Chaos
Country: France
Running time: 83 min
Category: Politics
Tags: Democracy HumanRights Feminism
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Producer: Margarita Cadenas
World Sales: Cat&Docs
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