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80 min


A filmmaker, a musician and an anthropologist merge images, sound and knowledge into an alchemistic live improvisation.

The filmmaker and old friend of CPH:DOX Peter Mettler is back at the festival with his film 'Becoming Animal'. But what's more, he is also performing live with the anthropologist Jeremy Narby and the musician Franz Treichler (the frontman of the legendary industrial band Young Gods). The three friends let their talents meet in an improvisational performance with hypnotic live VJing, trance-like soundscapes and spoken word. The name Yoshtoyoshto refers to the distorted and metaphorical language that the Amazon people Yaminahua sing when they try to contact yoshi – the invisible beings that according to their beliefs give life to all things living. By feeding off each other's presence and the material, sonic and oral impressions they leave on the space, the three gentlemen become the medium for an insight into the world's 'Unconscious'.


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Sat. 17/03





Date Time Location
Original Title: Yoshtoyoshto
Running time: 80 min
Category: Music
Tags: Performative Concerts