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13, a Ludodrama about Walter Benjamin

78 min

Canada, 2017

13, a Ludodrama about Walter Benjamin

Seven years in the life of one of the 20th century's greatest thinkers, while Europe slowly falls apart around him. An adventurous essay in the spirit of Benjamin.

During the last seven years of his life, Walter Benjamin lived in exile in France. The intellectual giant who devoted his rich inner life to the modern contradictions of the 20th century and to free thinking, was forced to watch Europe fall apart while he created his life's work. Ferrand's film is created in Benjamin's spirit, and charts his seven years in Paris in free form through 13 essayistic, adventurous chapters - and through an anarchistic collage of diary notes, quotes and styles ranging from archive footage to animation – as well as his correspondence with his friends Arendt, Adorno and Brecht. It is Benjamin's many changing addresses, and not least his work on the 'Passage Works', that Ferrand uses to navigate as he maps out the fragments. It ends tragically for both Europe and Benjamin himself. But through his insistence on the freedom of thought, it is nevertheless the German-Jewish thinker who has the last word.


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Vester Vov Vov


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International Premiere
Original Title: 13, un ludodrame sur Walter Benjamin
Country: Canada
Year: 2017
Running time: 78 min
Category: Hits Art
Tags: Literature Animation ArtistPortrait
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World Sales: FunFilm Distribution
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