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The Inertia Variations

Johanna St Michaels, 85 min

Sweden, United Kingdom, 2017

The Inertia Variations

The man behind The The invites us  and his listeners - inside his radio studio, where enlightened conversation is alive and kicking. But is he really done with making music?

Matt Johnson is a consistent man. The man behind The The has neither sung nor performed live for 15 years. And he doesn't care too much for the media and music industry. But Johnson is active as never before. From the studio in his home in the middle of London, he sends live radio from his website 'Radio Cineola' to listeners all over the world – via the internet and also transmitted via a 10 meter high, home-made antenna! Both artists, activists and people with something to say call in or visit him to discuss topics that the mainstream media don't deem worthy of air time. But which Johnson and his guests debate with a common ideal when it comes to art, culture and politics – and the person listening the other end. Into the project steps the Swedish documentarist Johanna St Michaels, who apart from being his close friend is also his former partner. A confidentiality and intimacy that is in keeping with the film about the uncompromising (ex-)singer and his many projects. But is Johnson really done with singing?

International Premiere
Director: Johanna St Michaels
Original Title: The Inertia Variations
Country: Sweden, United Kingdom
Year: 2017
Running time: 85 min
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Producer: Johanna St Michaels
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