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The Most Unknown

Ian Cheney, 88 min

United States, 2018

The Most Unknown

A scientific exploration of the unknown, where the greatest mysteries of physics and nature can be found at the bottom of the ocean and in outer space.

Dark matter, the deep sea and extraterrestrial life are just some of the phenomena we find most difficult to observe and understand. But in 'The Most Unknown', we try to approach what is beyond our perception. We join an astrophysicist on his field work at geothermal springs in the desert, a cognitive researcher presents attempts to understand human consciousness, and primitive forms of life are collected in deep caves in Italy and by oceanographers on coral reefs close to Costa Rica. Ian Cheney's film demonstrates how a meeting of researchers can take place across disciplines, and it is a magnificent portrait of the desire of modern research to understand the unknown and make it tangible. A project, which brings us all the way where research is not about results and peer reviews, but about approaching adventure.


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World Premiere
Director: Ian Cheney
Original Title: The Most Unknown
Country: United States
Year: 2018
Running time: 88 min
Dialogue: English
Category: Science Real Life
Tags: Discoveries Adventure Masterminds
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Producer: Ian Cheney
World Sales: Vice Media
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