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Food Evolution

Food Evolution

Scott Hamilton Kennedy, 92 min

United States, 2016

Food Evolution

Are GMO foods a part of the problem or a part of the solution? A surprising take on a global taboo, and a debate which is hard to avoid.

Since it has become possible to genetically modify crops, the invention has been the subject of fierce debate worldwide. Are we gambling with nature by intervening with the natural order? Or is it a solution that can end famine worldwide? 'Food Evolution' is quite unconventional in that it gives a voice to the pro-GMO camp, but even the people who say 'no thanks to GMO' get to say their bit in a true debate-creator of a film, which above all emphasises how much we don't know. And how much we can learn from science, if we listen to what the scientists are actually saying. This is exactly what the Oscar-nominated director Scott Hamilton Kennedy does, and he adds new nuances to a deeply polarising discussion of a taboo with global implications, with roots that reach far into our most fundamental notions (and fantasies) about nature and our own place in the world. Agree or disagree? Either way, you will become wiser by listening in, and by taking part in the subsequent debate.


Date Time Location

Tue. 21/03


Kunsthal Charlottenborg
Q&A with director, journalist and climate activist Mark Lynas.


Thu. 23/03


Nordisk Film Palads
Meet the director


Sat. 25/03


Empire Bio
Meet the director


International Premiere
Director: Scott Hamilton Kennedy
Original Title: Food Evolution
Country: United States
Year: 2016
Running time: 92 min
Tags: Before and After Science Hits CPH:SCIENCE
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Producer: Trace Sheehan, Scott Hamilton Kennedy
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