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Chef Flynn

Cameron Yates, 83 min

United States, 2018

Chef Flynn

Master chef at the age of 12 and an international celebrity just a few years later. Watch it happen in a film that will make the stomachs roar in the cinema.


 Sometimes there's reason to believe the hype. When Flynn McGarry was 12 he could already prepare a multi-course meal that would made eyes of the foodie-world wide open. Today - just a few years later - he is one of the world's most sought-after celebrity chefs and has worked with all the greats. A comet-like career which his mother was foresighted enough to document in her home movies as it took shape, and it is really something else to see the young master grow with the challenge day by day. 'Chef Flynn' follows him in the time leading up to the opening of his pop-up restaurant in the toughest of all spots: New York City. But nothing comes easy, and there is no such thing as success without obstacles and jealousy - especially not in a world where competition is fierce and the egos are as monumental as the prestige at stake.

After the screening on the 19th of March at Charlottenborg you can enjoy dinner at Restaurant Apollo, which belongs to Charlottenborg. The dinner will be cooked by Flynn himself and Restaurant Apollo's own chef Frederik Bille-Brahe.

 Buy tickets for the dinner here


Date Time Location

Sun. 18/03


Grand Teatret


Mon. 19/03




Wed. 21/03


Park Bio


Sun. 25/03





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Director: Cameron Yates
Original Title: Chef Flynn
Country: United States
Year: 2018
Running time: 83 min
Dialogue: English
Subtitles: No Subtitle
Category: Hits
Tags: Food Identity Personal YouthClub FestivalHits
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Producer: Laura Coxson
World Sales: Cinetic Media
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