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Generation Wealth

Lauren Greenfield, 105 min

United States, 2018

Generation Wealth

Welcome to the world of the ultra-rich where money is not an issue, but where wealth comes at a high price.

This is how the one percent lives. For more than 25 years, celebrated photographer and filmmaker Lauren Greenfield ('The Queen of Versailles') has documented the lifestyles of the USA rich and, not least, nouveau riche. Her latest film is a culmination of a life-long project. A fascinating study of surface worship and social psychology, where emptiness is lurking behind the sparkling and glamourous facade. Follow the money, as one says, and Greenfield does so all the way to Iceland before the financial crisis, and to Germany, where the notorious businessman Florian Homm welcomes us with incredible stories. But it is in the United States where we meet the most baroque version of the new, ultra-rich bourgeoisie. At an age when inequality is at historic highs and where the country's president is the epitome of vanity and new money, the culmination of Greenfield's work comes at the right time. 'Generation Wealth' is an aesthetically accomplished journey deep inside an otherwise closed world, where you are what you own.


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Director: Lauren Greenfield
Original Title: Generation Wealth
Country: United States
Year: 2018
Running time: 105 min
Category: Hits Politics
Tags: Identity Finance YouthClub Sustainability CityLife
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Producer: Frank Evers, Lauren Greenfield, Wallis Annenberg
World Sales: Dogwoof
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