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Karen Winther, 83 min

Norway, 2018


Nazis, Jihadis and violent Antifas. A former right wing extremist explores the price of breaking with an extremist past.

How do you get out of the closed and often violent milieu among extremists without risking your life? Norwegian filmmaker Karen Winther has taken the journey herself. With her past as a right-wing extremist, she visits other defectors in the United States, Germany and Denmark, where she meets the former Danish left-wing activist Søren Lerche and the Frenchman David, who spent six years in prison as an accomplice in a terrorist attack in France. Jihadis, Nazis and violent Antifas: All the people whom Winther meets on her journey have broken with their past and are now living with the consequences. 'Exit' is an exploratory firsthand account about de-radicalisation and about the tough exit which leaves those involved looking back and asking the same question: Why me? The excitement and the clear sense of identity as a rebel and as a part of a group on a mission are among the obvious answers. But the truth is often more complex, and what they most often have in common is regretting the bitter mistakes of the past.

World Premiere
Director: Karen Winther
Original Title: Exit
Country: Norway
Year: 2018
Running time: 83 min
Category: Politics Real Life
Tags: Thriller Radicalization Europe Personal Nationalism
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Producer: Eirin Gjørv
World Sales: Deckert Distribution GmbH
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