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Opening Party feat. Boiler Room 4:3 & Marshall Jefferson

80 min

Opening Party feat. Boiler Room 4:3 & Marshall Jefferson

Opening party with film and a DJ set by house legend Marshall Jefferson with Kasper Marott, in collaboration with the electronic music platform Boiler Room.

You are hereby invited to CPH:DOX's opening party in the company of house music legends, when they in the documentary 'I Was There When House Took Over the World' take you back to 1980s Chicago, where a whole new sound was born and spread to the rest of the world. After the screening, the legendary DJ Marshall Jefferson steps out of the screen and gives a Q&A session inside Social Cinema, before he spins the turntables and fires up the dance floor in the foyer of Charlottenborg. He is followed by the Copenhagen darling Kasper Marott, who joins the party with a selection from his impressive record collection. Presented in collaboration with the international electronic music portal Boiler Room.


Original Title: Opening Party feat. Boiler Room & Marshall Jefferson
Running time: 80 min
Category: Music
Tags: Fun!Fun!Fun! Concerts Events&Parties