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BBC Planet Earth II - Live in Concert

120 min

BBC Planet Earth II - Live in Concert

We guarantee goosebumps and dropping jaws when we screen the BBC's spectacular nature documentary series on a giant screen with an 80-musician symphony orchestra.

How do you elevate the magnificent scenery of BBC's monumental 'Planet Earth II' to new and even more epic heights? With an 80-musician strong symphony orchestra, of course! The first 'Planet Earth' from 2006 changed our view of the world of nature with its incredible footage of the planet's animal and plant life, accompanied by Hans Zimmer's Oscar-winning music and Sir David Attenborough's fantastic narrator's voice. Now the sequel is here, and for this special concert release of part II, the BBC has selected and edited together brand new material, which will be shown in 4K-Ultra-HD on Denmark's largest screen. The director of the National Museum of Denmark, Rane Willerslev, is tonight's master of ceremonies. The concert is organised by BBC Worldwide, FKP Scorpio and Beatbox Entertainment in collaboration with CPH:DOX. 


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Sun. 04/03





Date Time Location
Original Title: BBC Planet Earth II - Live in Concert
Running time: 120 min
Category: Music
Tags: Concerts