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Conventional Sins

Anat Yuta Zruia & Shira Clara Winther, 70 min

Israel, 2017

Conventional Sins

Docu-noir about sexual abuse in the ultra-orthodox environment in Jerusalem, where the now adult Meilech finally confronts his 'sugar daddy'.

When he was 15 years old and still a part of the ultra-orthodox milieu of Jerusalem, Meilech had a 'sugar daddy' 15 years his senior. A relationship that - like so many others of its kind - was filled with sexual abuse, blackmail and psychological violence. But now he is looking back to find out what actually happened. And to confront his old tormentor. Through diaries and photographs, he decides to reconstruct the affair in an unusual taboo-breaker of a documentary, which moves around like a film noir in the city's dark and labyrinthine streets, where the inhabitants' stares at Meilech and the small film team are hostile at best. A friendship ensues between Meilech and the young man whom he casts to perform the reenactments, and who himself has his own traumas – and together they set out to confront their status of being a victim of pedophile abuse, which has defined their life until now. 'Conventional Sins' won the main prize at the Jerusalem Film Festival.


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International Premiere
Director: Anat Yuta Zruia & Shira Clara Winther
Original Title: Yadid Nefesh
Country: Israel
Year: 2017
Running time: 70 min
Dialogue: Hebrew, Yiddish
Category: Politics Real Life
Tags: Psychology Personal HumanRights DetectiveStory
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Producer: David Mandil
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