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Weapon of Choice

Fritz Ofner, Eva Hausberger, 90 min

Austria, 2017

Weapon of Choice

A dark study of American gun culture, which ends with an incredible true crime story of contract killers and billion dollar fraud.

Guns are big business in USA. But American gun culture reveals its darkest sides in 'Weapon of Choice', which starts with a single weapon and ends with an incredible story of contract killings and billion dollar fraud. The Glock is not just the world's most popular handgun. It is a pop-cultural reference in everything from gangster rap to action films. But the Glock empire itself is off limits, and the man behind it is a mystery, whom the film slowly digs its way into through meetings with former employees and people on the periphery of the cult surrounding him. A dark trail of power, money, violence and politics, which leads to Glock's previous tax advisor, who is now spending his 13th year in prison for murder. Austrian filmmaker duo Fritz Ofner and Eva Hausberger have created a dark and atmospheric study of a cynical billionaire who has countless lives on his conscience – and not just in the United States. Nonetheless, it is shocking and upsetting what they manage uncover in this true 'slow burner' of an investigative film.


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International Premiere
Director: Fritz Ofner, Eva Hausberger
Original Title: Weapon of Choice
Country: Austria
Year: 2017
Running time: 90 min
Category: Hits Politics
Tags: Thriller Freedom Utopia/Dystopia FrontpageNews StrangerThanFiction
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Producer: Fritz Ofner
World Sales: Austrian Film Commission, MAGNETFILM GmbH
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