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Lisa Truttmann, 78 min

Austria, United States, 2017


Los Angeles's smallest inhabitants are on the attack in a wonderfully inventive and imaginative film about termites.

When a house in Los Angeles is attacked by termites, the pest control patrol comes and packs the entire house in candy-coloured tarpaulins meant to keep the alien insects inside, but which at the same time celebrate their ravaging presence with festive colours and stripes. A phenomenon which Lisa Truttman's original and imaginative film uses to find new and unexpected connections between urbanity and nature. And between the very big and the very small. The megapolis's smallest inhabitants are also creating their own microcosm, producing new networks between work and decay, control and chaos. They are surrounded by a human microcosm of experts who all have an opinion about termites and the meaning of it all. 'Tarpaulins' is a film that immediately convinces you that even the smallest things are exciting as long as you approach them in the right way. An adventurous and eccentric work of 'termite art' with a wonderfully original idea at its core.

International Premiere
Director: Lisa Truttmann
Original Title: Tarpaulins
Country: Austria, United States
Year: 2017
Running time: 78 min
Dialogue: English, Spanish
Subtitles: English
Category: Hits Art
Tags: Architecture Hybrid Fun!Fun!Fun!
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Producer: Lisa Truttmann
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