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What Remains

76 min

Brazil, 2018

What Remains

Tropical surrealism, erotic dreams and role play in an improvised adaptation of Thomas Mann's 'The Magic Mountain'.

In Thomas Mann's novel The Magic Mountain, the young Hans Castorp arrives at a mysterious sanatorium in the mountains where the boundaries between normality and deviation are blurred. The Brazilian 'What Remains' is a free and improvised adaptation of Mann's book. A collective experiment, entirely in the spirit of the book, and a visually lavish and darkly romantic experience, bordering on the erotic and surreal. It is based on a complex set of rules, which the participants were free to respond to during the week when they shot the film on a farm in the dense, tropical setting. And they did so with improvised performances, masquerades and role playing. There is – of course – an unhappy love story at the heart of it all. But the film we see is the result of a social experiment, where the participants' personal memories and experiences contributed to creating one of this year's strangest, most beautiful and free-minded films.


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World Premiere
Original Title: Aquilo que Sobra
Country: Brazil
Year: 2018
Running time: 76 min
Dialogue: Portuguese
Category: Art
Tags: Dark Surreal Literature Erotic
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Producer: Camilo Cavalcanti
World Sales: Clariô Filmes
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