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The Congo Tribunal

Milo Rau, 100 min

Switzerland, Germany, 2017

The Congo Tribunal

All parties of the civil war in Congo take part in a symbolic and artistically visionary trial with two goals: peace and justice after twenty years of war.

In a theatre in Congo, all parties of the bloody civil war – which cost six million lives over 20 years – meet. Staged as a symbolic trial, and with the participation of rebels and survivors, government and opposition, business people and NGOs. 'The Congo Tribunal' is an experiment led by the artist and journalist Milo Rau, who attempts the impossible: to reach an agreement and find a fair solution to the conflict, which strangely enough flares up in the enormous country every time it's in the interests of international capital. It may be that the Congolese themselves are some of the world's poorest inhabitants. But Congo itself is rich in natural metals of the kind that our laptops and mobile phones are made of. The experienced judge in the fictional, but nonetheless both gripping and effective trial, is one of the founders of the International Court of Justice in The Hague. Rau's visionary and hugely ambitious project is still being staged in Berlin, and apart from the trial and the film itself it also consists of a VR dimension (see the section Interactive).

International Premiere
Director: Milo Rau
Original Title: Das Kongo Tribunal
Country: Switzerland, Germany
Year: 2017
Running time: 100 min
Category: Politics
Tags: TheWorld2030 HumanRights Justice Experiments
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Producer: Olivier Zobrist, Arne Birkenstock
World Sales: Langfilm, MAGNETFILM GmbH
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