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Burma Storybook

Burma Storybook

Petr Lom, 82 min

Netherlands, Czech Republic, 2017

Burma Storybook

A sensually saturated and in every sense poetic film from a country, whose many poets can finally express themselves freely after decades in the iron grip of dictatorship.

In Burma, it is said that everyone is a poet. But in the lush Southeast Asian country - which is also known as Myanmar - poetry is a means of expression that has been shaped by half a century of dictatorship and an even longer period of foreign oppression. Czech director Petr Lom's sensuous film beautifully and touchingly shows how important poetry is for the country's people, and it is dedicated to the poet Maung Aung Pwint, Burma's most famous dissident poet. He has served 30 years in prison for his subtle rebellion against the regime, and he is now waiting to be reunited with his adult son, who has lived in exile in Finland for almost as long. The reserved Pwint is a modest man with an iron will, and Lom's film is just like its protagonist in its tribute to both the man and to the humanist ideal that his art strives for. And you can almost smell the humid plants and the dust from the roads, which hangs in the warm light and seeps into the maze of rooms where Pwint now lives and where the film's attentive camera moves around him.


Date Time Location

Tue. 21/03


Q&A with director + free beer


Thu. 23/03


Grand Teatret
Q&A with director


International Premiere
Director: Petr Lom
Original Title: Burma Storybook
Country: Netherlands, Czech Republic
Year: 2017
Running time: 82 min
Dialogue: Burmese
Subtitles: English
Tags: Special Screenings Politikens Publikumspris Hits
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Producer: Corinne van Egeraat, John Arvid Berger
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