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120 min


Volcanology and short films at dusk on Refshaleøen. The journal New Earth presents texts and films about geology in a military radio bunker.

CPH:DOX, in collaboration with the periodical "Ny Jord – Tidsskrift for Naturkritik", presents a series of experimental shorts, including 'An Aviation Field' by Joana Pimenta from Sensory Ethnography Lab, which uses moving images to deal with all kinds of scientific disciplines such as geography and geology. The films are followed by a conversation with a volcanologist from the University of Copenhagen, and a recitation of literary geology texts from Ny Jord no. 3. CPH:DOX will serve refreshments and snacks. The event will take place in an old military radio bunker on Refshaleøen: Foreningen Antenne, at 18:30 hrs, on 24 March, William Wain's gade 10, Lynetten.

Original Title: Science:Expanded
Running time: 120 min