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Revolution of Sound. Tangerine Dream

Revolution of Sound. Tangerine Dream

Margarete Kreuzer, 86 min

Germany, 2017

Revolution of Sound. Tangerine Dream

A cosmic journey into one of the largest electronic pioneers' wonderful universe of home-made synthesisers and mind-expanding kraut rock.

'Musik existiert nicht,' said Edgar Froese, who believed that music is just organised sounds, frequencies, vibrations and waves. With this in every sense astronomical vision of wanting to expand the human being's understanding of both sounds and his/her own mind, Tangerine Dreams with Froese at its head set out to revolutionise the popular perception of what music is and can be. With his homemade synthesisers and sequencers, the eccentric frontman of the legendary krautrock band Tangerine Dream was not just a pioneer of electronic music – he was also a visionary scientist on a lifelong mission. Through rare archive material, 'Revolution of Sound' provides a rare glimpse of a past that was one step ahead of the present. With synchronised 'heart music' coupled with Froese's own heartbeat, as well as his homemade machines, Froese created some of the very first electronic music. In a colourful mosaic by the late Froese's own stories, artists in and around Tangerine Dreams paint a unique portrait of the brains behind the music. The film is thus a tribute to both Froese and to a special era of electronic music.


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Thu. 23/03


Grand Teatret
Q&A with the director


Sat. 25/03


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International Premiere
Director: Margarete Kreuzer
Original Title: Revolution of Sound. Tangerine Dream
Country: Germany
Year: 2017
Running time: 86 min
Tags: Music
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Producer: Kerstin Krieg
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