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95 and 6 To Go

95 and 6 To Go

Kimi Takesue, 85 min

United States, 2016

95 and 6 To Go

A visit to her life-affirming 95-year-old grandfather in Honolulu is the start of a creative collaboration in Kimi Takesue's warm and funny film.

Kimi Takesue's grandfather emigrated from Japan to Hawaii in the 1910s. Today, he is 95 years old and recently widowed, but still enjoys life and its little chores. An elderly gentleman with a rich inner life, which really comes to the fore when Kimi comes to visit him and tells him her idea for a new film. '95 and 6 To Go' is a funny, imaginative and warm film about the close relationship – and creative collaboration! – between grandfather and grandchild. Even though there is both a garden to look after, food to be made and fireworks to be let off for New Year's, the cheerful gentleman throws himself headlong into Kimi's  project – and the result is a glorious film. Shot over six years in Honolulu, the irreversible passage of time remains a motif on the fringes of its images. Takesue's film is a personal 'home movie' of the rare kind.


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Director: Kimi Takesue
Original Title: 95 and 6 To Go
Country: United States
Year: 2016
Running time: 85 min
Dialogue: English
Tags: Artists & Auteurs Doc Alliance Award Drama!
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Producer: Kimi Takesue, Richard Benin, Chiemi Karasawa
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