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The Maribor Uprisings: A Live Participatory Film

Maple Razsa, Milton Guillén, 85 min

Slovenia, United States, 2016

The Maribor Uprisings: A Live Participatory Film

Experience democracy in action, in an interactive live film, where you help determine the course of a demonstration in Maribor!

What is it that drives the people out onto the streets? And when do otherwise peaceful protests turn into violent riots? Our current political climate is filling the streets with political protests, and no matter if the protesters' signs are calling for a greener climate, women's rights or less corruption, there is also a risk that the crowd will reach the famous boiling point, when protests turn into battles and conflicts. But how and why? This question is asked in the interactive film experience, 'Maribor Uprisings', where you as an audience member are placed in the middle of protests in the Slovenian city of Maribor, and follow the film's directors who guide you around the demonstration with the cameras. Here, you and the rest of the audience have several choices along the way: do you want to follow the peaceful group down to Liberty Square – or the angry and aggressive mob on the way to the city hall? 'Maribor Uprisings' is a unique opportunity to stand in the shoes of demonstrators – at a safe, virtual distance – and follow them all the way into the hard-boiled core of the demonstration. The film is shown only once during CPH:DOX.


Date Time Location

Mon. 20/03


Kunsthal Charlottenborg
Q&A with the director


World Premiere
Director: Maple Razsa, Milton Guillén
Original Title: The Maribor Uprisings: A Live Participatory Film
Country: Slovenia, United States
Year: 2016
Running time: 85 min
Dialogue: Slovenian, English
Series: Power to the People
Category: Politics
Tags: Andrew IP UK OK
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Producer: Maple Razsa, Consulting Producer, Joslyn Barnes
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