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Spaceship Earth

Spaceship Earth

Kevin McMahon, 123 min

Canada, 2016

Spaceship Earth

There are no passengers on Earth. We are all crew members.' Welcome to spaceship Earth in the Anthropocene age.

The media theoretician Marshall McLuhan is supposed to have claimed in the 1960s that there are no passengers on Spaceship Earth. There are only crew members. 'Spaceship Earth' starts with exactly this quote, and is a statement that we after the moon landing in 1968 didn't explore space to seek new wealth, but – through the sight of Earth rising on the horizon – to reach a new realisation about what kind of phenomenon life on our planet really is. This angle is the leitmotif in a film that provides an insight into Earth's environmental history after World War II, with opinions from scientists from around the world, who relate to modern civilisation in terms of its energy resources, political foundations and future perspectives. Spaceship Earth gives us a scientific look at Earth's development in light of the theory of the Anthropocene, which points at the homo sapiens species as the dominant force of nature. A complete and total synthesis of renowned geologists, anthropologists, astrobiologists and Earth System Scientists deliver the analysis. Welcome to the Anthropocene!


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Sun. 19/03


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Sun. 26/03


Vester Vov Vov


Director: Kevin McMahon
Original Title: Spaceship Earth
Country: Canada
Year: 2016
Running time: 123 min
Dialogue: English, German, Japanese
Tags: Before and After Science Hits CPH:SCIENCE
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Producer: Kristina McLaughlin, Michael McMahon, Kevin McMahon
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