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Sour Grapes

Jerry Rothwell, Reuben Atlas, 85 min

France, United Kingdom, 2016

Sour Grapes

The incredible story about a world-class hoax, and about how a charismatic cheater took an eccentric wine world for a ride.

There are collectors who are willing to spend hundreds of thousands of dollars on vintage wines. So when the young Rudy Kurniawan suddenly appears on the American wine scene and starts showing off with rare grapes and expensive bottles, it first causes a stir, then admiration – and finally suspicion. For where do all those rare bottles actually come from? Led by the billionaire wine collector Bill Koch, a wide-reaching investigation is conducted into the wine world's answer to the Pink Panther. An investigation, which among other things involves former FBI agents, French wine merchants and self-proclaimed connoisseurs with red noses. Even when the scam is exposed, there is plenty of sour grapes among the wine collectors, who refuse to believe that their expensive red drops should be fake. The film not only depicts a world-class fraud, but also a world that lives for its passions. A tragicomic story of seduction and vanity in an eccentric world of wine, where illusion is the first and greatest of all pleasures.


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Sat. 18/03


Magnus & Søns vinkælder

Mon. 20/03


Nordisk Film Palads

Thu. 23/03


Varde: Janusbygningen

Sat. 25/03


Nordisk Film Falkoner

Mon. 27/03


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Director: Jerry Rothwell, Reuben Atlas
Original Title: Sour Grapes
Country: France, United Kingdom
Year: 2016
Running time: 85 min