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The Chocolate Case

Benthe Forrer, 90 min

Netherlands, 2016

The Chocolate Case

Three idealistic journalists go undercover in an industry, which contains more surprises than a Kinder egg. And they start their own chocolate brand  which is guaranteed to be free of child slavery.

Chocolate is something you must have. But if you knew that every time you buy a chocolate bar you help finance child slavery in Africa, the sweet taste would soon turn bitter. And this is precisely what the three Dutch journalists and old friends Maurice, Teun and Roland find out as they dig deeper and deeper into the covert farmlands of the cocoa industry. A revealing and dramatic detective story with three idealistic – and cheerful – gentlemen in the lead role. And a story that takes a new twist when the three friends, after many shocking discoveries and disappointments, decide to take matters into their own hands and quite simply start their own chocolate company! Tony's Chocolony is 100% slavery-free and is now one of Holland's leading chocolate brands. 'The Chocolate Case' is just as rich in surprises as a Kinder egg, but will make even the most committed chocolate enthusiast think twice each time a craving for chocolate arises.


Date Time Location

Sun. 19/03


Nordisk Film Palads

Sat. 25/03


Q&A with the director and chocolate tasting.

Director: Benthe Forrer
Original Title: Tony
Country: Netherlands
Year: 2016
Running time: 90 min
Dialogue: Dutch, English, German, French
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Producer: Barbara Coronel
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