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Boiling Point

Boiling Point

Elina Hirvonen, 88 min

Finland, 2016

Boiling Point

Soldiers of Odin and the True Finns are making gains in the far north. Finland is hit by the refugee crisis, but in the saunas there is hope to be found in conversation.

The nationalists of Finland First and Soldiers of Odin patrol the streets, and in front of the refugee reception centres, angry groups get together to demonstrate. Mass immigration has made it all the way up to Finland, and now the country in the cold north – like the rest of Europe – has reached a boiling point. At least that's what the populists and extremist groups would like to have the rest of Finland believe. And just like in the rest of Europe, they succeed. The True Finns are storming ahead in the polls and are heading for parliament, with the aim of putting a complete end to immigration. But 'Boiling Point' looks at the nuances, and the director Elina Hirvonen finds the space for two Finnish men – fat and thin! – to discuss the situation in harmony in the ultimate public space: the sauna. And even if they do not agree about everything, they nonetheless illustrate that there is hope to be found in conversation itself.


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Tue. 21/03


Nordisk Film Palads
Q&A with the director


Sun. 26/03


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Director: Elina Hirvonen
Original Title: Boiling Point
Country: Finland
Year: 2016
Running time: 88 min
Tags: Power to the People Politics
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Producer: Sami Jahnukainen
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