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The Perfect Selfie

Jenni Salonen, Maryam Razavi, 67 min

Finland, 2016

The Perfect Selfie

One year in the life of the Finnish Instagram star Olivia. How well do her 20,000 followers actually know her?

The Finnish Instagram star Olivia Oras has 20,000 followers. But for her, the number of followers on social media is nothing special. Olivia is the daughter of an artist, and her life is therefore already a bit different than that of regular teenagers. Olivia shares pictures of her feel-good moments, but she is also critical of social media and its users. It worries her how superficial and prejudiced we can become when we are on Instagram and Facebook. And at the same time she also knows that she is helping to fortify this trend with the carefree and smiling moments she shares with her followers. In 'The Perfect Selfie', we follow Olivia's life during the course of one year and experience the moments she doesn't share online. There are bad days, where everything is too hard and discouraging – but there are also the small beautiful moments that are allowed to be important in themselves, without having to be shared on Olivia's Instagram account. 'The Perfect Selfie' is a reminder that the personality we share online is only a small fraction of ourselves. Olivia has 20,000 followers, but do they really know her?


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Sat. 18/03


Bremen Teater

Tue. 21/03


Park Bio

Thu. 23/03


Bremen Teater

Director: Jenni Salonen, Maryam Razavi
Original Title: The Perfect Selfie
Country: Finland
Year: 2016
Running time: 67 min