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Leave the Bus Through the Broken Window + Goodbye Thelma

82 min. 0

Leave the Bus Through the Broken Window + Goodbye Thelma

Leave the Bus Through the Broken Window
Andrew Hevia, USA, Hong Kong SAR China 2019, 69 min, International Premiere
Andrew has travelled to Hong Kong to make a film about the Art Basel art fair. The film ends up being about himself. Lost in a foreign city, astray in a super market, and caught in a 3 square-meter apartment. Fortunately he is not short of self-irony! In an upbeat and deeply witty take on the otherwise so introverted autofiction genre, he embarks on an adventure in the neon-lit metropolis, where the art elite meets on rooftop terraces and in small clubs. His budget is exactly zero, but his ingenuity completely makes up for it. And while the camera is almost identical to Andrew's own perspective, a female robot voice narrates his adventures in the Asian metropolis from the sidelines. But the extroverted 'nothing to lose' attitude conceals the outlines of an existential crisis, which the film is both a documentation and product of. Loneliness is a travelling partner, which can lead you to new places. But as your personal guide to Hong Kong, Hevia and his deadpan diary are a both underplayed and really entertaining alternative.

Goodbye Thelma
Jessica Bardsley, USA 2019, 69 min, International Premiere
In the American artist Jessica Bardsley's autofictional and disturbing adaptation, scenes from the road movie classic 'Thelma & Louise' have become illustrations of a journey she herself made far out into nothingness. Bardsley has turned the original film's colour gamut from pastel positive to nightmarish negative, where a heavy and psychedelic sky hangs over the outer and inner desert landscapes. Diary notes and fragments of conversations come together in an elliptic and enigmatic tale, where we  like in Bardsley's other work  are never in doubt that she is speaking in first person singular.

Original Title: Leave the Bus Through the Broken Window + Goodbye Thelma
Running time: 82 min. 0
Category: Art